21 things in 21 years…

So today is my 21st birthday and I though I would give you 21 things that I have learnt in my 21 years on planet earth even if I could still work on a few of these…

1. Do what makes you happy.

2. You can’t please everyone.

3. Stop worrying (I still actually need to work on this!!)

4. Friends come and go but the decent ones stick around.

5. Don’t let school take over your life.

6. Family don’t stick around forever sogo spend time with them!

7. Allow yourself to mess up everyone makes mistakes!

8. Get a job as a teen it will teach you so much about life!

9. Dogs are the best!

10. Learn to pick yourself up and carry on!

11. Prince Charming isn’t coming to get you on his white horse expect something different!!

12. Wear and look how you want!

13. Don’t let people get you down (I’m still working on this!!)

14. Pressure what you want and feel good at!

15. Travel, explore and go find adventure!!

16. You’ll never probably find a 4 leafed clover because I’ve looked and still not found one!!

17. Social media isn’t great don’t get crazy about it it will only get you down!

18. Have your own opinions!

19. Try not to hide in the back of the crowd!

20. Speak if you have an issue don’t let people walk over you! 

21. Have fun!! 

Thanks for reading!

Little Mayfly x 


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