Pub Golf…

So last night to celebrate mine and my best friend Frogs 21st birthdays (as they are 2 days away from each other) we took part in pub golf around our little town! If you don’t know already the main jist of pub golf is to drink a different drink at every pub you go to and drink it in as least sips as possible!m just like in a game of golf when you try and get the lowest score possible (the basic aim of the game is to get very drunk! Which we successfully achieved). 

You can’t play a game of pub golf without the proper outfits. So that means long socks crazy jumpers and golf hats are a must! here are some of the photos from last night…

There was a group of about 12 of us in the end and it was so much fun going from one pub to another as we haven’t been together for ages! 

I’m currently hungover sorting and posting this so sorry it’s only a little post but thanks for stopping by! I will do a proper birthday post on Tuesday!

Little Mayfly x 


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