So the other day I put out a post asking for the world of blogging to give me some questions to answer. I can’t believe the actual amount of questions I got asked! Some people did ask the same question but it should be answered somewhere in this post…so here are the answers!! I will tag everyone who asked me questions so please go and check out their blogs too…

Eleanor May Asked… 

1.How long have you been blogging? For a year at the end of this month! It’s gone so fast! I’m sure I will write a post on it so keep your eyes peeled! 

2. Why did you start blogging? It was mainly because I wanted a space where I could write down my thoughts and feelings. I’m so glad I did it!

3. Have you made any friends blogging? Not really friends but I have a collection of really lovely people who constantly comment and like my posts so I guess they are friends??

Pollyfairbank17 Said…
4. Best blog post you’ve ever read? This is a really hard one! I read so many blog posts everyday! I find so many different posts relatable for so many different reasons it’s hard to choose a stand out one!

5. What has changed on your blog since the first post you wrote and last one? Everything literally everything! From my writing style to the presentation of each blog post to how to even use wordpress (because in the beginning I had no clue!!)! I am constantly learning and changing my blog and I hope people like it! 

GingerSnapps Asked…
6. What’s your fav place to visit? Probably a hill near my house it’s so pretty and I just love being there.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I have no clue I wish I could look into the further and see what I will be up to?? Because at the moment I am pretty lost in those kind of terms!!

8. Do your friends and family know about your blog? Kind of?! Immediate family and friends do. I’m a bit of a chicken and am kinda scared to share it to the mass of my social media. I have had a few crappy comments from people I know about blogging and I think it’s just because they don’t undestand it! 

Aricouture‘S questions are…
9. Would you ever start up a YouTube channel? I do already have a channel () which has one of my dance on screen works on but I have always thought about vlogging it would be pretty cool but I’m not sure if I would come across well on camera?? 

10. What’s the most challenging in about blogging? Making time to sit and read through others posts and making time to plan my next posts.

11. What’s something that really gets on your nerves? I think this is the hardest question I’ve been asked for this post! I don’t think the same things annoy me I get more irritated by lots of things which might not annoy me again I think πŸ˜‚

Ester Asks…

12. What country would you love to visit? India! Or Iceland?! Very different counties I know!!

13. Have you ever been in love? And if yes have you been heart broken?? Well I thought I was in love once but looking back I really wasn’t I had no clue what love was!! so in answering the second part to the question I guess I haven’t properly been heart broken yet!!

14. What’s your honest opinion of Africa? I’m not too sure but I have always wanted to visit as it seems like it has such a diverse cultural.

Tabu Bee‘S questions are…

15. Do you watch YouTube if so who? I don’t watch as regularly as I used to, as I used to spend hours watching loads of people but I mostly just keep up with the sacconyjolys at the moment!

16. What’s your fav type of blog post to read and write? Probably ones about real life because 9 times out of 10 I have felt or experienced something similar and it’s good not to feel alone in feeling a certain way. the blogging community is good that way😊

Expression Of Thought Said…
17. What motivates you to blog?? I’m not sure exactly I just love writing and found I could express myself well on this platform.

Veronica M. Asked…

18. Top 3 favourite YouTubers? Probably Sacconeyjolys, Jenna marbles and probably have to be Zoella!

Comfy kitte questioned…
19. Top 3 movies or series? Probably The shawshank Redemption, Tarzan and game of thrones!!

itsSimplyMeJasmine Said…
20. Who’s your role model? Probably my mum!

21. What’s your goal in life? I have no clue at the moment so I guess just to be happy and content ☺️

Natalie Vinh Asked…
22. What’s an events which has greatly influenced your life? Sad but I think it would have to be when my man and grandad died! It was to date one if the biggest things to happen to me and it changed my view of life and showed what was important in life. It was I think the first time reality really hit me in the face and I realised the world can be a nasty place.

CiarraLorren Questioned…
23. Childhood celeb crush? Probably Charlie from the band Busted! I think it was the eyebrows!!

24. Best or worst purchase ever? Not sure about the worst probably some kind of clothing and best was probably one of my Polaroid cameras.

25. Any hidden talents?? Not that I know of πŸ˜‚
26. Most random fact about you? Ummm I like tomatos (I’m running out of good answers) 

27.Whats your go to party joke? Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To show his girl friend he had guts! Bad I know but it’s the only joke I have!!

Amelia in Hull asks..
28. What’s your fav animal? Dogs!!

29. Fav food?? Probably something seafood related!! 

Aspen and Avery
30. Advice for small blogs?  Just keep doing what your doing! You’ll get there! 

Starring Pamela 
31. Last time you climbed a tree? It was only on may I was playing with my brother 

32. Best thing to happen to you last week? I don’t think anything in particular happened ? So Probably just chilling with friends was a good thing to happen!?

Christy B
33. Where do you get blog inspiration from??    Anything and anyone! Other bloggers posts or things that happen in my life? 

Thanks for reading and for all the questions!!

Little Mayfly x 


22 thoughts on “Q&A…

    1. I feel really bad now because I wrote out a couple of questions for you when my brain wasn’t working too spectacularly and didn’t send them because I thought they were far too boring. I’m glad you got plenty of good questions, and you’ve given some great answers πŸ™‚
      Caz xx

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