Now this post isn’t a bitch about certain people and I am in no way suggesting the friends I do have are crap and don’t care about me because I know they do! And to be honest I’m probably the crap friend if anything!!

Throughout my whole school/education and the little bit of adult life I have been part of so many different friendship groups that constantly chop and change due to people you happen to be in class with or people who are just there for you at that time. Most friendships are built on things you have in common with someone from interests to clothes, dance or university so when these common things disappear I’ve found that gradually the friendship disappears to! (Which sucks).

But sometimes it feels like you cant help but watch it happen?

And its crap when you realise it!

Its kind of sad to say that I’ve become quite accustomed to this regular change in friends as it is has happened so much in my life. I’ve found that it’s happening again at the moment as I have moved away from university and returned home. My life is moving in a different direction to my fellow house mates and friends who have stayed in London or moved home across the country so of course my interests and people I spend time with has changed massively. It’s difficult to see them still spending time together and I’m not there too! But I don’t help the situation I can put my hand up and say I am the worst at messaging or dropping people a text and trying to stay in contact with people so it is probably due to my own fault that its happened so often. But when I do message or get in contact with people I find it so difficult to talk to them again as I have no idea what they like or are into anymore. Its a difficult one! You don’t want to lose people who you spent so much of your time with!

If you do actually know me and are my friend and reading this I don’t want you to think I’m being a bitch because I do have some really solid friends who I can turn to for anything and mean the world to me and only my solid friends really know about this blog so I hope you guys don’t hate me for reading this!!

Maybe I just need to text or meet up with people more but then I know it is a natural thing that your friends change through out your life. I guess it’s just one of them things!

I hope this made sense…

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


4 thoughts on “Friendships…

  1. Hi Mayfly,
    There was a lot of ‘crap’ in there.😊 . Sorry if I gently smile. Deep friendship is made of stronger stuff than parties and clothes. It is natural that you will move on and find new people you will share deeper bonds with.
    That does not mean you will lose those who really knew your heart and you theirs. Those you could always trust.

    Write thought through letters to the few you really shared with on a deeper level. Hold them close.
    Playmates are a different thing altogether.
    Good luck


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