Pint Puller Peeves…

In every job you have little factors that annoy you or just make you laugh! For example my sisters a dog walker and walks around 6 dogs at a time and she always gets “Oh you’ve got your hands full” (Haha yeah no shit Sherlock!!) So I’ve recently got a job in a pub pulling pints for the strange people of my town and I’ve found I’m starting to get the same things or issues everyday and here are a few of them! I find some of them quite funny…

  1. Pizza T-shirts: So at the moment my pub is trying to promote the new pizza menu so to do this they have given us bright red t-shirts with “Now Serving Pizza” written across the front and the back. They are very good at letting the customers know about the pizzas but you start to hear “oh serving pizza are we?” or “Bet you love pizza?”. So this is all good right but when the pub is packed and all of your staff are in pizza t-shirts, but you have run out of pizza dough you get a few problems! I’m not kidding this has happened on at least 5 shifts I have been on. The customers face when you tell them you don’t have pizza but your all in pizza tops is so funny!!
  2. Ale??: As a pub we serve some local guest Ale’s which change weekly. Now your classic Ale drinker is normally your older gentleman and as a 20/nearly 21 year old I’m not really partial to a pint of Ale. This being so I literally have no clue which is a good one or what colour they are suppose to be! I literally have no clue! None! You can tell when they are going to ask you a question about them and I find myself just looking at the customer and saying “Well this one is very popular” in my most confident but unsure voice!!
  3. Smile, it might never happen!: This one is so aggravating just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m moody. I know so many people get this whilst working especially in a customer based job I used to get this all the time in my old shop job. And this one is usually said when you either in a fantastic mood or you are in a bad mood but no matter what previous mood you were in you will be in a grumpy one after that’s said to you. It’s one of those bite your tongue moments where you wish you could reply with “It’s because I have to serve you” because it’s usually a picky customer that says it!.
  4. The Language Barrier: I don’t meant to offend anyone but it is so difficult when serving customers that cant fully understand you or you them. I couldn’t help but laugh after this situation because it just tickled me. A lady was ordering food and she couldn’t fully speak English which was cool we managed to get most of her order done through pointing at the menu and some words then she began ordering her children’s food. Our pub offers lots of options so you can tailor you kids food to what they want/will eat for example you can choose mash or chips or peas or baked beans. The lady wanted to order chicken nuggets (Cool, button on till clicked), then came the options…”Would you like mash potato or chips? (Said in my clearest English possible). The lady looked at me confused but answered unsurely chips. So onto the next one “Peas or Baked Beans” the woman looked at me so confused and just replied “No Nuggets” (Oh no!!). I then tried to explain that they came with the meal but I think that just confused her more as she just kept saying no nuggets! I ended up just having to pick one hoping her kids would like it!  I felt bad that I couldn’t serve her properly because of the language barrier but we managed ok in the end.

So there you go there is a few things that bug/make me laugh about the current job, I hope it hasn’t put you off pulling pints too much.

Thank for reading.

Little Mayfly x



4 thoughts on “Pint Puller Peeves…

  1. The Ale thing is so true! In the end I made up stuff like oh this guest ale is heavy with some fruity notes at the end and people were genuinely like oh I can taste it ooo. Literally will drink anything you say. (pun intended)

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