Leaving London…

At the moment I am in a bit of a cloud of mystery about what to do with my life!(no surprises there if you follow this blog)! But one thing is for sure is that I am just happy to be out of London. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy university because some bits I really did love. I was able to do something I loved everyday whilst learning so much about the art form. I just didn’t get on with the location I found it all a bit too much.

The lifestyle of people living in London was just the polar opposite to what I was used too as a girl from a tiny town surrounded by rivers and fields. At first I was amazed and so intrigued by it all but once that joy of first year faded I realised it wasn’t the place for me. I’ve never been that great with crowded busy places and everyone was always rushing around from place to place in their own little world. I was walking through Victoria Station one Sunday evening after being home for the weekend and a man commented on how relaxed and slow I was walking, he liked the way I just strolled through the station and everyone else was rushing around. To be honest I was probably walking slow because I didn’t want to return to London or uni. I just replied to the man what’s the point in rushing I will still get there to that he just laughed to himself and shrugged off. 

I also found that it was a very lonely place to be no friendly faces on the bus or tube everyone was just glued to their electronic devices! No one would hold a door for you or apologise when you bumped into each other on a platform. Yes I had friends at uni but they seemed to just fit in to the way of life in the city that I just didn’t.  They loved the busy shops on oxford street or busy pubs and clubs which just stressed me out. I enjoyed going to look at tourist things and did that most weekends if I could. I had only been to London about twice before moving their for uni maybe that was my downfall I am just not cut out for city living I guess?

So one thing is for sure and that I actually know is that right now I am just glad to be out of the city! The hussle and bussle just seemed to stress me out and I don’t need anymore stress for the moment! I guess the slower pace of life might just suit me better for now. I might return for to the big smog for a weekend or to visit but not for living it’s just not for me. I am not trying to put you off London if you can do it go do it I wish I could have done it better and fitted in. 

Thank for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

13 thoughts on “Leaving London…

  1. I really like your deep and thoughtful post. I fully understand your reasons for needing to leave such a big city however beautiful it can be.
    Like you I prefer places where the tempo is more in tune with nature and our
    inner selves.

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  2. Hi Chloe, so nice to see how your blogs developed in the last few months. I fully agree with you re London- Its not my place either. I’ve lived and worked there and just craved peace and quiet and calm. But great place for days out, just nice to be able to leave at the end of the day! x

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  3. Sounds a lot like New York City. Everyone there is in their own little world and no one apologizes if they accidentally bump into you. At least you realize it isn’t the place for you. Hope you find what you are looking for soon ☺️

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  4. London is a great place — but in moderation! Whenever I visited the city during vacations I was always feeling more tired and worn out when I left than when I arrived because everyone are rushing to get around.

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  5. It’s so interesting to read someone else’s perspective on London, especially given that I live here and have always been a Londoner. I hadn’t really thought about how overwhelming the city can be, particularly for someone who has lived in a small town. I also hate how unfriendly people are (what’s up with avoiding eye contact on the tube?!) but I do love it. I hope you find somewhere you’re happy and comfortable in; and I hope that London grows on you (or at least tries to) πŸ™‚
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

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