I went for a run…

Yes you read that right I went for a run! Now to some of you that may be something pretty irelevent but for me it was a pretty big thing! I’ve never been one for running! Ever! Not only because I am asthmatic and normal conk out after a few steps in a ball of breathlessness it’s the fact that I just never felt I was any good at it!  

But it wasn’t just any run it was an up hill run up the Malvern Hills near to where I live! It’s such a beautiful location and I think it helped with the motivation to running (the photo below was taken in the car park after the run)! And I was actually a hell of a lot fitter then I gave myself credit for (hell yeah)!! Yes I dance but I haven’t danced in weeks and running and dancing are completely different kinds of excersise! We didnt run the whole time but did intervals of running and fast walking and I was able to recover pretty quickly from! 

That was the first kind of excersie I had done since coming back from uni and I felt so good for doing it! The thought of working out or going for a run normally fill me with dread but this time I actually felt as if I had achieved something! I definelty plan to go again and this time hopefully I will be able to push further and harder! I guess I will have to look back at this blog post when I feel uninspired to go and make myself go out for one (because I’m sure that will happen)

Thanks for reading I hope if it does to inspire you to get out and take a run.

Little Mayfly x 

11 thoughts on “I went for a run…

  1. I love running, it always makes me feel so good and productive! I just find it sometimes so hard to actually get my butt out of the door and go for a run haha! Glad you enjoyed about it!

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