Pub Garden Evenings…

There is nothing I love more then an English pub garden at this time of year! Abused for most of the year pub gardens are heaving with people at this time of year. Even though the English weather can be a bit unpredictable at times recently the weather is starting to get much warmer in the evenings. So heading to a pub after work is kind of a must! There are multiple pubs near to where I live that have large gardens with such amazing views over the country side including rivers and hills. It’s even better when they are dog friendly so you can take your favourite four legged friend along! Even when I was in London many pubs had seating areas outside which would get packed during the summer months.  

It is so lush just sat chilling watching the sun setting as you sit with your favourite baverage! Personally it would have to be some kind of cider for me such as a Stowford Press or a Aspells or maybe even just a lemonade is good for me if I am driving! Here’s to many more summer evenings chilled out with a pint!! 

Thanks for reading this little post of love for pub gardens. 

Little Mayfly x 

4 thoughts on “Pub Garden Evenings…

  1. Oh yes, I’d love to be in a beer garden right now (have no friends so it would be rather dull on my own but I still go!) with a Stowford! So sad when you hear how many pubs are closing.  ♥ to the beer garden pubs!
    Caz x

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