Last Week of Uni…

So this last week has been a pretty mad one for me as it has been my final week at university! Hence why I haven’t been able to post or comment and like many blog posts this week life just took over! But here’s what I’ve been up to…

Tuesday was a whole day full of dress and technical runs ready for my final ever uni dance show on the Wednesday the following day where we performed two shows. Since January we we were all split into groups to create or learn dances. My piece was choreographed by James Finnamore and was pretty funky and fun to dance I suggest going and taking a look at his things they are pretty cool! I am going to miss working with my group of girls so much we have become a little family over the past few months and they are all amazing people. It’s strange I wasn’t nervous about the show even to the fact that we all had to start off on stage in our underwear!! My family came to watch me and we’re so proud that I actual have made it through uni! Here are a few pictures….


Thursday was a day of packing and recovering from the show and an attempt to find an outfit for fridays events…

Friday we decided to go out for a lunch to celebrate actually finishing and making it through uni. So we went for lunch at GBK where I had a lush bacon and chicken burger (I can’t remember the actual name of it). I was going to take a photo but it was to good to have hanging around that long but I did get a picture of my strawberry and elderflower fizz drink!!

 Then Friday evening was MDX Dancers Grad Ball. Hosted by two of our year group in a quirky little pubs function room in west Hempstead. We had food drinks and even a slide show of embarrassing pictures of us throughout the past 3 years luckily they missed out a few bad ones that are floating around of me!! Even a few of the teachers showed their faces!! It was a lovely way to finish off the year by saying good bye to everyone and finishing off the way we started by having a little boogie! Below is a photo of us all (I am in the top left hand corner with my arm in the air and my head is just visible). As well as my outfit for the evening which was a bargain from newlook for Β£11!!!

I currently feel bittersweet about the whole leaving uni thing! I’m glad it’s over as it has been a missive struggle for me but I have met some amazing people I will miss seeing all of there faces! I plan to write a post about finishing uni but think I will do that in a few weeks when I’ve actually digested the idea of finishing education forever.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

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