Lunch in Camden…

Today I had the whole day free so decided that I would get out of the house for a bit for change of scenery. I then decided to write a blog about it. Firstly I had to head to Brent Cross Shopping Centre to pick up a few things. By the time I had finished getting my essentials it was only half 11 so I decided I would go out to Camden and have a walk around the markets. I’ve got a previous blog post about Camden which can be found here…Exploring Camden…

I really love walking around and seeing all of the different stalls selling a complete range of items. One thing about Camden Market is that it has the most amazing range of street food, one court yard is completely full of different food stalls from all around the world. It took me ages to decide what I actually wanted to eat. There were huge queues for the Halloumi fries which have recently become viral on Facebook and the carbonara pasta made in a giant wheel of cheese (I think I will have to visit on a quiet weekday to try those ones). In the end I decided to try some Cajun fries from Hank’s that came topped with seasoned beef, lots of melted cheese, sour cream and chilly sauce topped with coriander and chillies. I ordered a regular size which cost me £7 there were also larger sizes as well as vegetarian and vegan options if that’s more your thing.

They were so tasty!! And looked amazing!! I managed to get a seat over looking the cannel to eat them which was really cute! I love cannel boats and my family once went on holiday on one for a week once. The fries were beautiful they were so yummy. I’m not normally a fan of spicy food but it was just the right amount of spicy for me as they were covered in sour cream. I would definitely get them again. They were just so good!!

I hope you liked this brief blog post I just had to mark the beauty of the fries!!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x




14 thoughts on “Lunch in Camden…

  1. Yes you have made your mark alright, Little Naughty Mayfly 😀 I am drooling. Camden makes me wish for 10 stomachs so that I can try all of those stalls at one go. You know keep eating till I flop down and can move no more. Bring on the forklift.

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