Harry Potter and the Cursed Child…

Over a year and a half ago me and three of my friends managed to get tickets for the then up and coming and highly awaited play of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!! A long wait yes but with uni work taking up most of our little lives it actually came around pretty quickly!! I am in the long green coat in the photo below and here are my thought of the play …

If you are not familiar with the book/play it is based 19 years after the last Potter movie finishes and follows the story of Harry and Draco Malfoys sons who ironically become best friends. Just like their fathers they end up going on an world wind adventure to try and save Cedric Diggery who was killed by Voldemort in the triwizard compettion (Book and movie number 4 ‘The Goblet of Fire’). If you are a budding potter fan you will know that both the books and the films are pretty long,  Jk.Rowling wrote this book out as a play and due to its length it is presented in two plays. The first half is shown in the afternoon and then you return in the evening for the second more sinister instalment of the play.

I didn’t want to read the book before seeing the play but was really surprised by the twists and turns the storyline offered. The play was full of sassy cape swishing and dancing as well as lots of magical illusions such as people disappearing into phone boxes or appearing in a double bed when the covers are pulled over it. At times I did feel like the play slightly dragged when some characters had long chats and convocations but this was quickly forgotten due to the amount of comedy that was weaved throughout the scenes. I really didn’t expect it to be so funny. I’m not sure if I would need to go and see it again as it was a very very long day as you have to hang around between showings and my chair wasn’t the most comfortable but they did execute it all very well. But then I guess Harry Potter fans are crazy and would go mad if they did portray something completely wrong.

The casting of the characters was spot on and they all had characteristics just like the characters in the movies and books. I also enjoyed the return of some of my favourite charters such as Moaning Myrtle and Hagrid. One of my friends from my tiny town who I did my A Level pieces with plus multiple school musicals with has just been cast as Scorpius Malfoy when the first cast retire. I wish you the best of luck Samuel you always were going to b a crazy star and I couldn’t think of a better play for you to be in as you take your first steps into the professional acting world.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

11 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child…

  1. This is so interesting! I have some pretty big Potter-fan friends who said they didn’t think the story was good and so I strayed far away from it. But your review makes it sound so interesting!

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