Exploring Telford…

This weekend me and a few girls from uni travelled up to Telford for a friends birthday party. It was so cute she had a room booked out in a pub which was decorated with fairy lights and balloons. She has lots of music and a really really nice buffet which didn’t last long with a load of hungry dance students!! Here are some of the photos of us all before the alcohol took over…. (I’m in the white top and skirt).IMG_1993


Seeing as though we were all in a new place we thought we would be tourists and go and see some of the sights Telford has to offer on a sunny bank holiday Monday. But first of all we had to stuff ourselves on the all you can eat breakfast from a pub next to our hotel!! Telford being the home of the industrial revolution has the first ever iron bridge ever made so we decided to go and take a look as it was only 20 minutes away. After an hour of wrong directions, close shaves with crazy bus drivers, risky sharp turns and having to ask a random stranger for directions we finally made it to the iron bridge!!! (YAY!!!) We were all very very excited so we had to take a group selfie to mark the occassion!!


The whole area was so pretty! There were day tripping families and dogs everywhere as well as a pirate boat that we spotted going under the bridge…


We then visited a tea emporium across from the bridge where we all had a pot of tea and some snacks. I treated myself to a raspberry icecream and a pot of peppermint tea and some of the girls had scones and even a sticky toffee pudding (which happens to be my favourite). It was all very yummy!! It was so cute all 7 of us sat around drinking tea in the sun it was probably one of the most sophisticated things I’ve done in a very long time!! There was also loads of quaint gift shops and stalls dotted around the bridge which were also very cute to have a wonder around.

IMG_2006Telford and the surrounding area was all so pretty I would definitely take another adventure to see what else it has to offer as I was only there for a very weekend trip. It was also so cute to celebrate a friends 21st birthday with all her lovely friends and family as well as spending a relaxing afternoon altogether which is a massive rarity as we are always in rehearsals and classes or too tired to function.

Thanks for reading.

(Don’t think I have ever written a blog post which includes the word cute or lovely as so many times as this one)

Little Mayfly x


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