Self Belief…

What I think it comes down to the most with me is the fact I have a massive lack of self belief!! I regularly go through waves of thinking I can’t do or achieve things especially when I see everyone around me completely slaying at life! Even though they are the people who are telling me I should believe in myself!! 

I find that it hits me a lot at the moment I feel as if I’m crap at everything and completely useless or worthless! Maybe because I care to much about what people think of me that I feel I can’t do things? Or I care to much about doing good? I’m not sure it’s hard to pinpoint?

Like I know I can achieve some of the things I think I can’t do. For example yesterday I had a bit of a breakdown about not being able to finish uni (I have less than 2 months to go until I finish for good). Which at the time felt like a massive deal, like I couldn’t even physically imagine me even coming back to London today! Let alone going to lessons and getting good grades! But I made the first step and I’m back! Just got to get my ass to lessons and get the marks I deserve! And now that I’m here that goal does seem do able. I guess maybe I was panicking at the time?

I think this issue I have with self belief is kind of connected to the hole self loathing thing I’ve go going on which I have written about previously…Self Loathing I just have to believe I can do things and stop worrying about others.

Sounds easier said than done I guess? Sorry for another brain fart of a blog post, just had to blurt it all out to make sure I understood it myself (if that makes sense?). 

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

9 thoughts on “Self Belief…

  1. Darling, this is such a common feeling for so many people. I always feel like I can’t do anything well. You should tell me who you know that is “slaying at life!” because I don’t know anyone. We all struggle, one way or another! But I also know that there’s nothing I can tell you that you make you believe in yourself or be more confident. This is something you need to work on (or get help about it, there’s no shame) until you eventually know how great you are and how you can do anything, as long as you work hard. If you ever need to talk, him here. And there are no brain fart posts, we are all here to read each others rants and to help as much as we can. Sending hugs and love! xo Cheila

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  2. Hi Mayfly! One thing I learnt during I was in uni was how to switch off negative voices in your head. You don’t have to swing your idea to “I am wonderful!” “I am great”. But you mustn’t forget that you are in the driving seat of your emotion. All of us have moments of self-doubt. My husband is a highly decorated designer but he still struggles with self-doubt every single day. Your anxiety is absolutely normal. If you had no worry or doubt about yourself, you would end up being like Emperor Baby Fist, a.k.a Donald Trump!!

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    1. Yeah it’s making those negative thoughts into positive that I struggle with! I know it’s normal to have anxieties I just have to not let it control me I guess! Don’t worry I don’t think I would ever be someone like Donald trump!

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