Well this week in England it looks like spring has finally sprung! (YAY) Its been so sunny and there are flowers blooming everywhere, which makes a change from the gloomy rain and wind.I think spring might be my favourite season I love it so much it’s so nice to feel the warm sun again even after I sat in the sun for 20 minutes and had to move because my pale skin couldn’t cope!! But I am in no way complaining about the sun, it makes me feel so much more positive and happy! I may even see the return of the freckles if the sun keeps up.


I can’t wait to go home to the Shire this weekend and walk the dogs because there is nothing better when the weather is this lush!! And it also mean that they wont come home soaking wet from the rain and mud which saves a job. I may also get to see some lambs being turned out into the fields, as that’s not really a common thing here in London, but when you see lambs that’s when you really know its spring time. The increase in the great weather also means that you no longer have to lug a massive coat and scarf around all of the time! I can now crack out the smaller and lighter jackets which are easier to carry around if it does get warm. But then I do live in England and the weather is a little unpredictable at times. 14333016_10210564890584501_2250813183814151687_n

But knowing it’s spring gets me excited but also kind of scared that summer is on it’s way!! A lot is changing for me in the next few months, I finish and leave uni, I will have to buy a car and find a job and I cant work out yet if I am excited, frightened or just clueless to everything that’s coming up.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly.

16 thoughts on “Spring…

  1. I love the pictures! They certainly emphasize your post and I’m glad you’re feeling good in the sun. I started a job that has me outside and I have been enjoying the weather here in Colorado, USA! 🙂

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      1. Born and raised! The background picture on my blog is from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado! MY absolute favorite place in the world… 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness, what happy pups you have! It’s starting to be spring here as well in the US and I couldn’t be happier! Our pup is just as happy as yours. 🙂 Happy spring!

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