St Christopher…

My favourite piece of jewellery without a doubt is my St Christopher. I wear it all the time when I’m not dancing, so I thought I would do a little post about how I got given it and why I love it so much.

Normally when you are in your final year of primary school in the UK you go on a big school trip for a week and for me this was the first time I had ever really been away from my family. I was around 10 years old when this happened to me and I going to the Isle of Wight. I was really excited about going away with all of my best friends from school but was also kind of scared to be away from my family for the first time. Before going away for the week my mum sat me down just like she did with my sister when she was in the same situation and gave me my St Christopher. It was so petite and shiny I loved it!  My mum told me her mum had given her one when she was younger. She told me that this necklace would look after me and would make sure I was safe on all of my travels. To this day I have been safe on every travel I have taken if it be down the road or to a different country.chris

St Christopher is a religious figure who travelled around a lot, but personally I’m not very religious but I still like the idea of something looking out for me whilst I’m travelling around away from my family. Its kind of a part of me know.

I’m not really a fan of chunky and big jewellery and I love how simple it looks when you just need a little bit of jewellery. I’m always getting comments from people who tell me they really like it, I’m guessing they don’t really know the meaning of it which I kind of like. As you can see in the picture below I love the way it adds to any outfit even a dress on a night out clubbing.77

So there you go there is the story of my favourite piece of jewellery I’m sure if you scroll back through the pictures on this blog you can spot it in a few pictures.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly.




7 thoughts on “St Christopher…

  1. Very pretty, and interesting to hear the story behind it too. My dad gave me a St Christopher charm that he stuck on the dash of my first car (he used to have it in his and said it would keep me safe). I still have it in my new car 10 years later, and so far it’s done well at keeping me safe while driving! 🙂

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  2. Those religious figures in the old days sure travelled a fair bit. I came to the conclusion while watching documentaries recently and your post just strengthened the thought. It is nice to have a travelling saint look out for you 🙂

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