I Like Tea…

I used to hate all things hot drinks and would only indulge in the odd hot chocolate here and there! But I am really loving tea at the moment! Green, builders, 1 sugar or none or milky as if you’ve dropped a cow in it I don’t mind I just love it so much at the moment. I just find something weirdly comforting about have a sit down with a cuppa. And I love a mug you can cuddle into you as well (if you get what I mean? I don’t walk around places hugging mugs!).  Like right now its a Monday afternoon and I have opened my laptop to write my dissertation for university but instead procrastination has completely taken over and I just had to express and write about my current love of all things tea!

I even find myself constantly thinking ‘Oooo could really do with a cuppa right about now!’ and that’s like all the time. (Is tea addictive?) The only reason I really started to even drink tea was because when I used to work in a little shop back home we always had to have the doors open to make customers come in (Apparently it’s more inviting). I used to freeze my little butt off in the winter and the only warmth I was offered was the odd cup of tea, so I just began drinking it for the sake of it. Just so I could warm my hands up for five minutes.

I am even reading a book series at the moment on my kindle app which is about tea planters in India By Janet Trotter. They are a bit slow to read and are a little predictable but I enjoy reading them to help send me off to sleep at night.

I normally plan my blog posts and write notes for them out by hand before I even open my laptop, but I have just free handed this one because I had a sudden urge that I needed to talk/waffle on about tea. (I know I sound mad as a hatter at a tea party).

Thanks for reading this jumble of tea thoughts!

Little Mayfly x

18 thoughts on “I Like Tea…

  1. Ah I’m definitely a tea lover too! I used to hate it, then I became addicted to a classic English tea and more recently i’m all about Herbal tea… jasmine, rose, mint, green, vanilla chai… could be worse things to enjoy!?

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  2. I also love tea. I love lemon tea and lemongrass tea. I guess it has to have some kind of lemon lol but it’s amazing and comforts my stomach and my soul! I love that you just thought about something and posted! I never plan my posts, I write them all right then and there in 10 minutes. It seems like you can do the same and come up with a great, interesting post. Keep them coming girl!

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    1. Ooo I haven’t tried lemon tea before might have to give it a go! I normally plan at least vaguely what I’m going to write but I actually enjoyed writing a random post when I felt inspired I will definitely do it again soon! Thanks for reading x

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  3. I love tea! I never was a hot drink person either…coffee, hot chocolate, or tea were never for me. Then I traveled to India and every morning we were woken up with a hot cup of chai and I fell in love. When we went into the northern mountains, the only warmth was from tea, and we spent so many days drinking our days away in rooftop cafes sipping on endless pots of tea. Love the post, and love that you found your love for tea!

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