Home Sick…

Being home sick is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced, its hard to explain and to exactly pin point what it is like as everyone feels it in different ways. For me personally I kind of feel a bit stupid for missing home whilst at university as I know that everyone at home is just going about their normal routine and they are all just a phone call or a FaceTime away. Both my Mum, Dad and older Sister are all working all day long and my younger brothers still in school, so I’m not missing anything… but it still feels like I am that longing to be surrounded in all things warm, familiar and cosy is still there!

It may sound bad but I can now tell when my home sickness is beginning to set in now, its sadly kind of become a familiar feeling over the past 3 years! Normally it happens when I have been sat in my room alone for a while, or when I’m walking back from uni alone. You get the start of this kind of sinking feeling that’s pulling you down and all you want is to be surrounded by your family in familiar settings such as your front room or kitchen, laughing and joking with each other. I think my brother and sister kind of take for granted the fact they are still living at home with warm meals on the table every night because that’s all I crave when I get like that.

I make sure that I go home often enough during term time so that the home sickness doesn’t set in as much. Going home does ease the sickness a hell of a lot as when back home in the Shire I realise I haven’t missed anything at all apart from the usual town gossip. But if you go home you sadly have to come back! And I can say with out a doubt one of the worst thing is getting on that bus back to London. It sounds so stupid but it feels like I have been abandoned or just left at the station but it makes it worse if the family come and wave me goodbye. It really is the worst thing seeing all things familiar disappear!!

But luckily I don’t get as home sick as I did so I can enjoy my weekends at home and not dread coming back to London as much as I did. But I’m not saying I don’t get home sick anymore because I do and whilst I’m writing this all I want is to be snuggled on the sofa with the dogs. But keeping myself busy keeps this at bay most days.

Being homesick is so strange I’ve experienced it for 3 years now and I still can’t put my finger on what exactly it is or how it feels. But there you go these a few of my opinions on the matter.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


23 thoughts on “Home Sick…

  1. That doesn’t sound silly at all! Homesickness can be gut-wrenching and heart-breaking, and some people I knew who went off to university struggled a lot because of it. But you’re strong, and you’re independent, and it’s not a bad thing to experience. In fact, I think it’s good in the way that it shows you have a home, parents you love and who love you, and there’s something stable in your life that will be there each time you return. Great post.x

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  2. Hi Little Mayfly, I completely share the same homesickness with you. No matter how long I live away from my parents and how old I become, my longing for being with them and in where I was born and raised is always the same. Over the year, I’ve got better with dealing with it, therefore, I don’t become too emotional. And airports are the most hated place for me because they are where I have to say good bye to my loved ones, Japan or U.K. Having said that, I consider myself very lucky because I have loving families who make me feel this way. Hope you will have a nice family bonding holiday in the spring! Nothing can beat a family holiday, can’t it? For me, I booked flights for my mom yesterday. She is coming to London this June!!😁x

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    1. Hi thank you for the lovely comment! I also completely agree! My family are so very supportive I couldn’t have got this far without them! We won’t be going on a holiday in the spring but I have two weeks off from uni and we have a massive family get together on Easter Sunday which I can’t wait for! Aww that’s so sweet I hope she enjoys it!xx

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  3. I’m going to sound like a repeat of everyone above, but it’s not wrong or silly or bad or anything to be homesick.
    You’re living your own life and separation from the familiar is scary. Luckily, there is also the chance to meet others, talk others, call home, and so many ways to compensate. 🌹

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  4. Hey! One thing that has always helped me when I’ve ever felt homesick, or missed someone or something is telling myself how lucky I am to actually have something so good in my life that I miss it. When I was away at college I remember being incredibly homesick, and then I realised that some of my friends weren’t at all and in fact dreaded going home. I felt so sad that they didn’t have a good home life, and so thankful that I did. It always made it easier when I realised how lucky I was to have a family and home and friends that I missed! And it still helps me now 🙂 ! Xx

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      1. Unfortunately yes!! I passed everything and did all my work but I didn’t really enjoy my course, which my mum knew so she used to come and sneak me off early! She was a mischief maker for sure but I loved it! Xx

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