Queen of the Trampoline…

Last year I decided to join a sports team at university to keep myself busy and to get me out of the house for a bit, so I decided to join the trampolining team with one of my housemates who was already a member of the team. Not really one for ball games and not up for anything too crazy I thought it as a good choice. Having never grown up with a trampoline in the back garden I was a complete newbie to the sport, I really had no clue! In a few weeks of attending I had come on leaps and bounds and had learnt a load of tricks such a swivel hips and full twists. Not only had I learnt new thing in those first few weeks but I also met so many new amazing people and friends who now mean so much to me. We have loads of socials and nights out where we normally end up getting very drunk dressed up as something weird like tinder, cows and farmers or princesses and frogs. They really are a crazy bunch!

I have been to several different university competitions over the past year at places all around the uk, such as Bristol, Cambridge, Southampton, Sheffield and Belfast.  I think for me Belfast was a massive highlight of last year. We went to Belfast for the hole weekend and it happened to land on St Patricks Day. The weekend was mostly fuelled by alchol as there was a social event every night but it was such a fun weekend and a much needed break from the intensity of university.

This weekend we competed at BUCS Nationals in Sheffield! I think over all I came around 78th (Ooo bad I know) but the level I was in had well over 100 competitors in it!! (I did better then last years BUCS)! But although we all didn’t do great as no one qualified for the finals or got in the top 10 of their level I still had a lush time supporting and spotting for so many of the team! I love seeing everyone’s reaction and cheers when you get off the Tramp even if you do rubbish everyone still supports you!!

I’m actually going to miss this crazy lot when I leave! They are all mad and make me die of laughter! But we still have a few more competitions and a load more training sessions as well as sports ball to go so it’s a while before I have to say bye!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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