ABC Party…

This Friday me and my house mate Saff threw our bestie Alyssa a birthday party for her 22nd. She decided on an ABC party which stands for ‘Anything But Clothes’ which also means no real clothes were allowed to be worn. This in mind I started to collect random packages, cardboard, bags and other household items to try and make a costume from. 

Firstly I created a bread bag top held together by strips of a blue and black plastic bag in a corset design on the back. It was really easy to make and actually looked pretty decent!! But I couldn’t just wear a bread bag!! One evening when I was putting a pizza in the oven on a tin foil tray I had a vision of a grand tin foil skirt. So I found an old string from inside of some sports leggings and started to consentina strips of tin foil. I folded one strip length ways and one width way and threaded them onto the string. After around 6 hours and 50 meters of tin foil later I had finally finished my tin foil tutu. Here is my finished costume…

I’m so amazed at the effort that everyone put into their costumes we had a ‘Lidl Mermaid’ made out of Lidl bags, duck tape buff waiters and designer bags made from cereal boxes. As well as flag dresses and giant tin foil shoulder pads. Here are some pictures of everyone’s outfits…

We also gave out awards for the best/worst costumes….

Worst Dressed: MDX trampoline team (who came in clothes)

Best Dressed: Cally who came wrapped in birthday wrapping paper with labels and ribbon as well!

Most likely to be in vogue: Buff Waiters

Most Effort: The Ashley Court Express by Caitlin,Chloe and Becky. 

I had such a great night, and it was lush to all spent time together as we are never all in the same place at once. Happy 22nd Alyssa hope you had a great night too!!!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


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