In December I was part of a choreography project at university where our choreographers collaborated with set designers from a university in Wimbledon. This week we received some professional photographs by Brain Slater of the pieces and they are amazing!! This kind of inspired me to tell you about how I got into dancing in the first place…

I first got into dance when I started secondary school when I joined the weekly dance afterschool club. I enjoyed it so much and found that I was actually alright at it. But I think that I properly got into dance when both of my grandparents died within a very short time of each other. My hole family were hit really hard by this news and we all found it difficult to function without them for a while. During this time I found that for an hour plus a week I could just forget about the sadness that surrounded me at home. From then on I just danced more and more, I guess you could say I caught the bug big time! And from there it grew I studied it for GCSE, A Level and now at University. I’m still not sure what I am going to be doing after university but I think that as long as I’m still dancing somehow I should be fine. Dance is a hard business to find a good job in but as long as  I am still moving I really don’t mind what I am doing. Dancing has become such a big part of my life I would really hate to lose touch with it. Here are some of the pictures that I promised you from a piece called ‘Broken Vanity’ December 2016….


Photography Credit: Brain Slater

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


8 thoughts on “Dance…

  1. Looooove these! I’m a former ballerina and so glad you are taking your talents as far as you can. I couldn’t see a future (in my day) for a black ballerina or theatre dancer, who knew the world would change? I’m still lucky enough to live around dancers when I’m ibiza and I can always be found on the dance floor 😊 Good Luck with everything

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