Anxiety & Depression 2…

It’s been a while since I have posted about my mental health so I thought I would do a little check in for myself as a lot has changed since my first post on the matter which you can read here… Anxiety & Depression… . I find that writing my progress/ what happening with me down helps me a lot,it almost helps me organise my thoughts in my head a bit so here goes.

Thinking about this time last year or even at the start of June/July I am a completely different person! In a completely different state of mind! I’m so much more positive about nearly every aspect of my life now, from friends to getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve changed a lot! I can now see a future for myself after university which seemed to be a mad far off dream last year. Yes I still have pretty occasional wobbles where I freak out and have down days or the though of being surrounded by people is the worst thing ever. But the panic moments are happening less and less and that makes me feel confident that I will see an end to all of this. The weekend just gone I had my first pretty big wobble in a while. I freaked out a bit maybe as I wasn’t so used to my surroundings but I was with someone who understands it all so after a chill out at home for a bit I felt a lot better. I still find that setting myself little goals even if its going to the shop or going home at the weekend keeps me on track. I first thought all of this steamed from being home sick but so far this year I can say I am no longer home. Maybe because I’m actually really enjoying university this year even though it’s my last year and is suppose to be the hardest and most stressful year, although I do still go home quite often. I can’t help it I like the fields and trees to much!

But I’m so proud of myself that I have made it this far, at times it really didn’t seem possible. Yes I am still on medication for my anxiety and depression but I have recently been put onto a lower dose which is the next big step to coming off them completely. Little steps and little goals they’ve got me here this far so I guess I will just carry on.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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