My Bucket List…

I’ve had a bucket list for a while now and seeing as though it’s the start of the year I thought I would post it to see how many I can achieve by the start of 2018. A lot of them involve travelling which I probably won’t be able to achieve but I still thought I would include them. 

1. Graduate University (if I can make it to July)

2. Go Interrailing around Europe (plans are starting for summer 2017)

3. A Hotair balloon ride 

4. Go to India

5. See the Northern Lights 

6. Go to America 

7. Buy a car

8. Drive on the Motorway 

9. See The Giants Causeway

10. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

11. Get my first dance job

12. Go to Glastonbury Festival

13. Go up the Shard 

14. Go to the Sky Gardens

15. Go to Paris 

16. Get my own dog/ pet

17. Share my blog posts on my social media pages as I’m currently to scared to share them with my friends and family. 

18. Stop having to take medication for my asthma

19. Dance at Sadlers Wells 

20. Watch a live ballet in the Royal Opera House

21. Be on TV

22. Go to Creamfields 

23. Go to a Coldplay concert (Because they always look incredible)

24. Celebrate my 21st birthday (22/08/2017)

25. Go to Brighton 

26. Go to Blackpool tower ballroom

27. See a Matthew Bourne performance 

28. See killer whales

29. Get a tattoo (only when I stop being so indecisive) 

30. Be a bridesmaid (Hannah if your reading this wink!wink!)

31. Go Skiing 

32. Go skinny dipping in the sea 

33. Become a yoga instructor 

34. Stop taking medication for anxiety and depression

35. Buy my own house (or start renting)

34. Work in a different country 

35. Learn to play the guitar 

36. Do volunteer work in another country 

37. Visit the Hatchi statue 

38. Do a somersault on the trampoline 

39. Come in the top 10 at a trampoline competition 

40. Be happy 🙂

So there you go there a few things that I would like to do at some point in my life. I know some of them are a bit generic or lame and you’ve probably seen them on various bucket lists but hey there you go. 

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

28 thoughts on “My Bucket List…

  1. Hi 🙂
    I really like your Bucket List! I think it’s really cool that you put little things on it like a somersault and skiing and such. It somehow makes your list much more achievable. I hope you get to do as much of it as possible this year!

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  2. Love this post! I can relate to bucket list #17 as I too am sooooooo scared or maybe a little embarrassed to let my friends and family know that I blog lol. I hope you can cross most of your bucket list items off this year! I live in Nebraska, if you ever come to America I will be excited to see what you write about! I’m still trying to find what I want to get out of the year 2017!

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