Asthma in Winter…

I have pretty much been asthmatic on and off for my hole life. Blue, purple, brown and orange inhalers name one and I’ve probably taken it at some point! So understandably it has become something I’ve become so used to in my everyday life. I now take two inhalers and a tablet to keep things good as generally my asthma is really controlled and doesn’t bother me at all! But the start of the cold weather and being a dancer isnt the best combination at this time of the year!

First of all the cold air is a massive trigger to me, as soon as I breath it in my chest goes tight and it’s hard to breath. I spend most of the winter months buried under a scarf that covers my mouth and nose, to try and keep the air I breath in warm. But this still doesn’t completely help. Also exercise can be another of my asthmatic triggers. Things such as running and high cardio work sets me off too! And then cold air and exercise put together really isn’t a great combination! One of the worst asthma attacks I’ve had was during winter cross country at school! The second I stopped I collapsed in a heap gasping for air it was horrible, plus it was embarrassing as it was in front of my hole school year who were crossing the finish line to see a skinny white girl surrounded by teachers clutching her chest on the floor with her hands and feet curled up due to hyperventilating!  

Due to the cold getting to and joining in with my daily classes can really be a real struggle in the winter. And if you are or know any dancers you will know the one thing they hate more than anything is having to sit out of class and watch from the side lines. It makes me so angry when I have to sit out because of my chest! I feel like I’ve let myself down and hate to be defeated by myself!! But I know I can’t help it as if I carried on I would have an attack which would put me out of action for a while! 

I know I shouldn’t get angry with myself as that doesn’t help my chest get better. It’s just a pain in the ass when I have to stop and watch my able fellow dancers carry on. It’s such a crap feeling to sit and watch everyone improve. 

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x 

5 thoughts on “Asthma in Winter…

  1. Thanks for Sharing I’m going into my first winter with asthma and learning to always have a scarf to hand when I’m cold air especially when running or walking my dog Otherwise I’m using my gym membership to keep fit especially as swimming doesn’t seem to be affected by asthma

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