A Spontaneous Weekend…

So this weekend turned out to be a bit of a mad one. I didn’t stop!  We didn’t really plan anything but ended up doing so much, and it was all really fun.

Friday Night…

After a full busy week at uni all we wanted to do was have a massive chill out. So all of my house mates got together with wine, beers and chocolate for an evening of my favourite card game Cards Against Humanity. Now many of you will probably know what this card game involves, but for those who don’t its very racist, naughty and rude but an oh so hilarious card game. I’ve played this game a load of times but I think I saw the best answer I have ever seen on Friday night! Please don’t take this as offensive but my house mate Saff produced this little beauty! I think its one of the best combination of cards I have ever seen!!!img_0114


Saturday I headed out to central London to do a little bit of shopping, as it was black Friday weekend. I didn’t end up buying anything interesting just some face wipes and hair bands.  We ended up walking around the Covent Garden area, which is so pretty especially now its the lead up to Christmas everywhere is covered in festive decorations and lights. img_0167imIn the evening we decided to head up to the Irish pub next to uni and it just so happened that the pub was celebrating its 25th anniversary. The pub wasn’t full of its usual rowdy student crowd, but instead a load of drunk Irish people and also a couple of Irish bands. The music was so jolly you couldn’t help but jig along, I even knew some of the word to the Irish tunes. We then ventured up stairs to watch the other band who were playing more well known music such as your Oasis and Coldplay. We only agreed to stay for a drink or so but  I tried coffee tequila (which was actually nice) and ended up leaving after 12! I wasn’t drunk just a bit high off life I think. We then got chips and ate them when we got home. It was such a great night out seeing as though it wasn’t planned and we just went with what ever was happening.


Sunday was mostly a lazy day of catching up on Saturday night tv, but we decided to go along with our friend and her boyfriend to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in the evening. We met up and had food at a ‘Slug and Lettuce’ I shared a ‘friends feast’ with Saff which was a massive platter of chips, garlic bread, chicken skewers, southern fried chicken, garlic mushrooms and onion rings. So basically every great unhealthy food ever! It was so delicious and was washed down with a cold bottle of Desperados. Yummy!! Sadly I was to busy stuffing my face to take a picture, but trust me it tasted so good!! So instead here are the Christmas lights on Oxford and Regents Street.img_0193

Then off we went to Winter Wonderland…. But you will have to wait for next weekends blog post to read about that as I’m going again on Saturday with a friend from home, but here is a few sneak previews …

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


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