I think out of any season autumn is my favourite! From the chill in the air and the first frost, to the colour of the leaves everything becomes so pretty. One thing I really love is the sound of crunching leaves under my feet. The other day I was walking to the doctors and the hole path was covered in hundreds of leaves, that’s when I took this photo below.I love the way all of the leaves are different colours, from bright reads to burnt oranges. Also I am amazed at how white my converse actually look as they normally look a little dirty. img_7956

I also love going for dog walks at this time of year for the same reasons. I took this picture the other day while joining my dog walking sister and her friendly mutts. Starting on the left we have Scooby, little George, at the back Ollie, Ernie, Millie all snuggled up in her coat and finally Woody on the right.44444.JPG

With the weather getting colder there is nothing  I love better than cuddling up in a big chunky jumper. But at the moment I am loving wearing pinny’s. I only have two, a tartan one and a burgundy one but I love wearing them with a jumper underneath with chunky tights and my Doc Martins.

With autumn also comes fireworks night. I’m not much of a fan myself as it sets my anxiety on edge but I absolutely love this photo that was taken mid way through my tiny Tudor towns firework display. I just love the reflections in the water, and how the tiny streets and Abbey is lit in the background.img_8032

So there were a few things I like about autumn.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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