On Friday night me and my house mate Saff opened our house to all things spooky and creepy for a big Halloween party. We ventured to the pound shop for a few decorations to cover the house. This included skeletons warning signs and caution tape. By our front door we have a massive mirror which we covered in fake blood messages. It looked so effective as people walked through the door. I didn’t take the greatest picture but you get the idea.

 Both being big fans of Game of Thrones we decided to dress as Arya Stark and Khaleesi! My costume was really cheap to make as all I had to buy was the contact lenses and a load of hessian material. And Saff created hers out of pieces of fabric and lots of fake blood.

My favourite part of Halloween is carving pumpkins. I love it!! I love the smell of cutting them open!! So to go with our game of thrones theme I carved the stark wolf and adapted there famous ‘winter is coming’ motto. It looked amazing when I finished but it did take me around three hours to do (mad I know)!! 

I had such a great night with everyone who came and everyone made an effort to come dressed up which was amazing!!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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