Uni Update…

If you’ve read some of my past blog posts you will know that I was really worried about coming back to university. I was worried about coming back to the place where I fell so deep under water. But after all of that worry it turns out I didn’t need to be concerned at all! Everything is turning out good for me at the moment. On the anxiety/depression side I’m doing really great too, once I plucked up the courage to tell my two closest uni friends what had been going on with me I realised that they were always there for me anyway, whatever mind set I was in. But in other news I’ve only had about two melt downs in the past few weeks. One of which was alcohol induced (oopsy), but I don’t want to burden myself with the down moments anymore I’m looking up from here on out.ii

The new house I’ve moved into is massive! Like actually huge! There is so much space that I no longer feel like I’m stepping on everyone’s toe’s all of the time, and I’m living with some new people from my course who are all really lovely people. And if I am feeling a bit over whelmed there is so much space to get away from it all. The house also comes with two fish a chinchilla called Dexter and an Ariel hoop which is suspended from the ceiling in the living room (unknowing to our poor land lord).

University it’s self so far is actually going a hell of a lot better than I expected. Yes the level has picked up a lot but not enough that I don’t feel I can’t do it. As it’s my last year I am also faced with the dreaded dissertation, but it’s going alright so far I’ve got my idea and question so I feel I’m off to a good start and I’m not feeling to stressed out about that so far (I hope that lasts).  As I may have mentioned before I’m part of my uni’s trampoline team. I’ve loved being back with my team and seeing what they’ve all been up to over summer. At training I’m learning the first stages of a front somersault and I am still trying to master my front drop. We also gained a few new fresher’s into the team and last Wednesday it was time for their initiation into the team. The seniors dressed up as princess and the fresher’s were made to wear green swimming hats and green clothing making them into frogs. Sadly what happens at initiations stays at initiations so I can’t give you any details of the night but the after party at the student union got pretty messy for a few members.

I also went on an adventure to Cardiff the other weekend for my friends 21st birthday. It took me ages to get there but I got a little emosh when I walked through the front door to all of there happy faces. I spent so much time with them all over summer it was lush seeing them all again. Oh yeah and that is me with the plastic cup on my head!!


It may sound stupid to some people but I’m so so proud of myself, at the end of last year I didn’t even think coming back to London was an option for me. I was going to give it all up! All of it! I’m just so glad that I stuck with it and I have such a supportive circle around me.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


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