The Future…

I love having this blog as somewhere I can just spit out all of the mad and crazy thoughts that wiz around my noggin on a daily basis. So I don’t blame you if you find this next blog of brain mush uninteresting or boring I just feel like I need to project somewhere.

Now that I’m in my third and final year of university everyone I meet asks the same dreaded question of… ‘What are you going to do when you finish?’ And the honest answer to that question is I don’t know!! Not a clue!! And yes that does really scare me. What am I going to do? Where will I be? The future holds way to many questions for me to handle!!! I think the reason why it scares me so much is because I’ve always known what I wanted to do. From the age of 12 I knew exactly what GCSE and A Level exams I wanted to take, so the next step was obviously to apply for university. And now I’ve come to the end of the education system I don’t know where to go next.  Yes I could carry on at Uni and do a masters or teaching degree but I’m in no way ready for that. img_0044

I think it’s also difficult because of the type of degree course I’m taking, for example if you do a degree in law you become a lawyer at the end and can go straight into it. Or you study a degree to be a dentist and as soon as you finish you can get a job as a dentist. But studying for a degree in Dance Performance you have no job security at the end of it. I could be auditioning for jobs and companies for months before I get my first professional job that pays or has good enough funding. But then again I guess on the other hand I love to dance and create things, it sound kind of stupid but I feel so free when I dance I can put so much emotion into it I just love it! So I guess as long as I find something to satisfy that need I will be fine, even if I had to do some bar work on the side. I think it’s the thing of getting the right balance between work to live or live to work (if you get what I mean). Or maybe I’m just scared of being faced with this big wide world of opportunities and I have no clue which way to turn. I would like to maybe travel and see this mad world while I can. There are opportunities out there maybe I’m scared of trying to find them. IMG_0026.png

In a weird conclusion I think I’m actually a massive worry butt who needs to stop panicking and being scared of opportunities that are out there. There is going to come a time in the next few final months of uni when I will just have to pull up my big girl panties and just get on with it. I guess the future will just have to happen.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


4 thoughts on “The Future…

  1. Dear, there’s no need to rush. Take one step at a time, figure it out along the way. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s important is that you learn, you love what you do and you’re getting a sense of fulfillment with everything you do. Sometimes though, you would have to compromise and sacrifice but always think of it as temporary — as stepping stones and never as your endpoint. A crappy job will only be your means of funding while you look for a good one, a small role will be your leverage for the star role. But, always give your best even for those temporary situations. You never know where each stepping stone will take you, whether it be a dead end or a fork on the road. Aim higher, dream bigger, dance better, run faster. The only one stopping you is yourself. You can do it! ❤

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