Exploring The British Museum…

Yesterday me and my house mate went an adventure and ended up at the British Museum. The museum was really  easy to get to as its really quite close to Tottenham Court Road tube station, in central London. It was free to enter and having never visited this museum before. It was quite busy as we visited on a Saturday but I’m sure if you visited in the week it would be a very different story. From the outside the building looked quite Roman with it’s large columns, but I was amazed because the centre of the building was really really modern with its sky high glass celling’s and marble structures (as seen below).

We did wonder around the massive building for a bit trying to find an exhibit, but soon we stumbled upon the Ancient Egyptian rooms. Know I knew they had mummies at this museum but I found it kind of morbid and strange how they had so many of them on show. They even had a hole body that had been found underground still in perfect condition with it’s skin and hair still intact. Egyptians were really into there afterlife care and did everything they could to make sure they made it to the after life, even killing there pets so they could go to the after life together. I’m guessing none of them prepared to be on display in a massive museum for tourists to oggle at. It was kind of creepy but so very interesting at the same time as all of the artefact’s were so old.IMG_7829.JPG

The museum also had large collections of pottery, rocks, jewellery and many more large or tiny items many different periods of history. Its amazing how so many of the object remain in such good condition after so many hundreds of years. I didn’t manage to get around the hole of the museum as there was far too much to see in one day, but its a great and interesting way to kill/spend a couple of hours if you’ve got some spare. Its also FREE and you might even learn something on your way around.img_7828

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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