Exploring Camden…

Going to university in London is really great if like me you love exploring new places. One of the places I’ve visited loads over the past few years is Camden. Camden is full of so much life, from the decorated high street, to the canal boats passing through the lock and the busy bustling market place. Its a pretty busy place to visit so I would suggest trying to avoid it on a weekend as the streets become really packed full of people. My favourite land mark in Camden is the Camden Lock bridge (in the picture below),its such a feature point on the street and even looks as if its being painted by the men painted onto it.img_7368

If your like me and love your food if feeling peckish and you want to try out something new Camden is the place to head for. The market place is full of hundreds of food stalls offering foods from all around the world, from Chinese chow miens, to Indian curry’s, massive slices of Italian pizza as well as many types of vegan and veggie friendly foods. From the picture below you can see just how many different foods are on offer! Its amazing to walk through such a small space and to be hit by so many different smells. Each stall tries to lure you in through giving away free samples such as bits of fried chicken or small samples falafel. Its as if you’ve walked into another country completely.


I also love going to Camden to have a look around all of the quirky little market stalls. After you get past the usual tourist junk you can find some really cute items. I really love looking at the many jewellery stands which sell such pretty and unique rings and bracelets. Camden is also famous for its vintage clothing, many stalls sell restored or collectable clothing at really reasonable prices. If your decorating a room you can also pick up some really unique wall hanging and fairy lights and even vintage furniture like in the picture below.


Camden is a pretty cool place in the day but its also great at night. Camden has many chilled bars such as Bar 55, as well as a big collection of nightclubs which play a range of music such as Purple Turtle, Electric Ballroom and Lock 17 (Which is one of my favourites). There is also a Weatherspoon’s if your on a tight budget. I don’t have any great photos of Camden’s nightclubs because I’m not a good photographer while drunk!! So here is a very vampy picture of me when I was trialling a middle parting in my 1st year before going out to Lock 17 for the night.99.jpg

I hope that this blog post inspires you to visit Camden as it really is an interesting place to visit! Over the next few months I plan to write a few more ‘Explore’ blogs as I have so many more places I want to visit in and around London while I’m there for my last year of uni.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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