Summer Look Back…

Now I know everyone says that they’ve had the best summer ever and then they begin listing off all the awesome things they’ve done. But the last few months have really been the best! I’ve grown massively as a person and feel I can now face what the future holds for me. This summer started off being so bleak, I had no out look on the future at all and I was at an all time low. After admitting that I needed some help with my mental health at the start of the summer and then after getting my feet back on solid ground I began to feel more like myself again. I began meeting up with friends more often, even making some new friends along the way. I started going out to the pub or clubbing again. Even though I’m still not 100% myself all of the time I feel like I’ve began to show myself I can get over the struggles and a good day is just around the corner.

This may sound so stupid to some of you but I had a bit of a moment a few weeks ago while watching Twenty One Pilots at Reading festival. I have to admit I got a bit emosh!! But it was because I was stood at the second barrier in the middle of a massive crowd of people, the music was loud and the security guards were pulling people out of the crowd infront of us.  And I just  stood there with all the madness going on around me. I just stood thinking how crazy it was that I was coping with all that was going on around me, as a few months before that I would have completely freaked out about the hole situation. I was so proud of myself. It showed me that I can get through anything!!


Below are some photos of some of the things I’ve been up to over the past few months…


Chasing Ice Cream vans around town…


Dog walking with my sister…


My Uncles seaside wedding…


Watching the sunset…

77And many drunken nights at a local Bierkeller….

This summer has truly reminded me who I am, what is important in life and now I am just excited to see what the future holds for me in my next chapter. Weather its good or bad I now feel prepared for whatever’s heading my way. And also thank you for the people who are always there for me all of the time, your the best!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x


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