Exploring Portmeirion…

For this years family holiday we went to the very pretty north of Wales. We stayed for a week in a lovely little converted cottage situated on a working family farm. One of the most interesting places we visited was Portmeirion a tourist village in Gwynedd. I didn’t realise that Portmeiron was an actual place, I only knew of the famous flower patterned  pottery called Portmeiron because both my mum and nan have always collected it. The whole village was designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925-1975 and is constructed to resemble an Italian fishing village. Clough wanted to bring the feel of Italy to the welsh coast line. Many of north wales buildings look pretty dull looking due its connections with slate mining, but Portmerions use of bright colours makes the whole village look so eye catching well as looking so cute and quaint. img_6944

The village is so intricately designed, with each gateway and lamppost having its own individual design. I loved exploring all of the overlooking the beautiful balconies and the winding staircases and paths that lead you around the village. Portmeirion is also known for its amazing gardens and plants. With multiple ponds and lakes the gardens are divided into different themes such as the Japanese garden. Each of these gardens holds rare exotic plants which are not native to north wales.14079929_10209856800927036_9017747653449794235_n

My Favourite part of the village was down by the beach, the white and blue painted theme looked so lush next to the sea. There were also lots of bench’s overlooking the beach. In in particular I loved this sheltered bench in the picture below, on either side of the bench were two winding staircases that took you up to the café, they were so pretty.


The village has also been used as a location in many television programmes and films, probably being most famously known for ‘The Prisoner’ (1967). For a price you can also stay in the village in either there apartments or hotel rooms, you can also get married in the village but I do hear this is very very expensive.

I really loved exploring the unique village but due to my grumpy teenage brother we didn’t stay very long as he kept complaining it was boring!! I would love to return at some point in the future and re-explore the village.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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