Wreck This Journal…

I’ve always been a creative person and I love drawing and doodling. I also find that a little doodling really helps to lower my anxieties, as it gives me something different to concentrate on for a bit. So when I came across Kerri Smith’s Wreck This Journal I couldn’t wait to try it. On each page the book gives you an instruction on how to wreck it, you can take these instructions as literally as you like.

Here are a few pages from inside my journal that I really love, and how I created them… FullSizeRender (2).jpg

This page instructed me to throw something at it. I covered rocks in brightly coloured acrylic and glitter paint and threw them at the page, I also flicked paint onto the page using a the end of a paint brush. It did take a while for this page to dry but I love the way this page looks and feels as the paint was splashed on really thick.



FullSizeRender (3).jpg


I’ve always loved sewing from a young age, so I really enjoyed this page. I had loads of brightly coloured thread left over from my textiles days at school so began cross stitching the page. I also used a running stitch around the outside of this page as well as sewing over the pages instructions. This page is the most time consuming page I’ve done but I love the finished look I have produced.




It took me a while to decide how to wreck this page. I FullSizeRender (6).jpgdidn’t just want to freeze this page on its own as I thought it would just come out looking pretty much the same. So I drew a puddle around the bottom of the ice cube in blue marker in hope the colour would run. After ripping the page out of the book, I filled an ice tray with water and folded the page until it fitted into one of the ice tray holes. I then gave the page a few hours to freeze and then to dry out. I then stapled the page back into the journal. I really like the way the ink has ran around the page and how the fold marks are still visible.





This page wanted you to cover it with circles. I haven’t finished this page as its a bit of a work in progress, but I like that with this journal you don’t have to finish each page straight away. I started by randomly drawing circles but I didn’t really like the look of it so I began sticking the left over circles from hole punched brightly coloured post it notes onto the page. I then found an old clubbing promotion sticker and a few buttons so I added them to the page as well.



I hope these few pages have given you a few wreck it ideas of your own. Even if you don’t want to get the actual journal you can always create your own from a blank journal. I hope to post a few more of my wreck it journal pages in the future so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

7 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal…

  1. I can’t wait to get started with mine. ❤ I recently took out my Wreck This Journal as it has been sitting idly somewhere in my room, untouched! Now I am going to start using it. I love your ideas and I hope to be as creative as you are 😀

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