I have always loved the look of Polaroid photos, the vintage look of the images and the magic of watching your picture develop in front of you. As a kid I can remember watching Saturday morning tele and the presenters would always take a Polaroid picture with there celebrity guests and stick the picture on the wall. For some reason that image has always stuck with me, so a few months ago I began looking into Polaroid cameras. I spent a lot of time researching into which camera would suit me the best. I wanted a small, lightweight camera that would fit into my little black back pack, but that would also have good picture quality.pols

I finally ended up picking the Fuijifilm instax mini 70 in Canary Yellow. I really love the bright compact design of the camera which is very easy to use. Although the polaroid’s are very mini at 86mm X 54mm, I couldn’t find a smaller camera that produced big images, but I felt this camera was the best alternative. The mini 70 has lots of different modes such as macro, landscape, selfie mode, exposure control and a self-timer. I’ve found that you do need a bit of practice to make sure you get the best picture quality or the pictures can come out blurry.

Here are the first few images I took… as you can see they aren’t really in focus and I needed to make sure that the camera was on the right setting.

But slowly I think they are getting better, here are a few of my favourites…

The selfie mode is really fun, the camera has a mirror on the front to help you see what your taking a photo of…


 I cant wait to take lots and lots more Polaroid’s of the different adventures I go on.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x  


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