My First Festival…


I’ve just returned from Reading 2016 my first ever festival, and it was incredible to say the least. The weekend was brilliant from start to finish, I didn’t stop laughing from start to finish. I think it helped that I went with a big group of people who all looked out for each other. I’m not going to lie when I say I was a bit apprehensive about going as I’m not the greatest in large busy crowds of people, due to a few anxiety issues but I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. As this was my first festival I was unsure what to take with me. I certainly packed more then I needed to but it’s difficult, you never know what the weather is going to do here in England it can be a bit bipolar. Here is a few things that I would really recommend on taking with you to a festival.

Hand sanitiser: The toilets at festivals are pretty gross but you’ve just got to go for it and not really think about who else has use them. I managed to go through one and a half little bottles of hand sanitiser over the whole weekend in effort to make my hands at least a bit clean.  IMG_7222.JPG

Dry Shower Foam: This little bottle was actually amazing the one i used was called Muc-Off Dry Shower. It was a couple of pounds from a mountain gear shop and was given to me by my sister as a joke birthday present, but was such a life saver. It’s like a foamy body wash and a few squirts of this rubbed around my body made me feel so much fresher and stopped me from smelling like a complete tramp. I did also take baby wipes but they made me feel sticky whereas this actually made me feel properly clean.IMG_7221.JPG

Sun cream: Not always a festival essential as some festivals such as Glastonbury are known for lots and lots of rain. But I’m really quite pail and I always catch the sun so a few squirts of factor 30 on my shoulders, arms and legs made sure my skin didn’t end up red raw. I use this Nivea sun cream as its invisible and non-greasy. Even though I wore factor 30 all weekend I still managed to pick up some pretty good tan lines.IMG_7223.JPG

Glitter & Paint: Now I did go a little crazy with these next items that I guess you can’t really call essential, but they made my face look so pretty (even if I am still finding glitter all over the place).14117719_10209907881081392_6660194643454654685_n

To get this glittery look is so easy!! Just apply Vaseline or lip balm (used a Nivea lip balm) to the area you want to cover, then simply dab the glitter on top using your fingers. You can also add a quick spray of hairspray over the top to make it sticks for a little longer I really love this look as you can get really creative with all different kinds of glitter.

Some of these items may not really be that essential to you but I found that they really helped me have a great festival experience. I cant wait to book my next one.

Thanks for reading.

Little Mayfly x

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